Our Top Featured Demolition Projects of 2017

Posted: January 9, 2018 | Category: Equipment at Work, Excavator

Top Excavation Projects of 2017

Demolition projects galore. Epic road trips. Brand new products. 2017 was full of all kinds of new undertakings and adventures for the ShearForce Equipment crew.

Check out the list of our Top Projects of 2017!

shearforce-demo-video-linkMajor Demolition Works Project on Vancouver Island

One of our customers took on a large industrial facility demolition project on Vancouver Island this summer and looked to our team to provide equipment solutions to make the project go as smoothly as possible. We developed a package of rental equipment, including a ShearForce Rotating Demolition Pulverizer for primary demolition and secondary crushing on-site, and a Motofog portable dust suppression unit to reduce debris during deconstruction.

rdp40-bridge-demo-video-linkBridge Demolition with Rotating Demolition Pulverizer in Calgary

When it comes to demolition projects with mixed materials, there’s no better tool to handle initial deconstruction than our ShearForce Rotating Demolition Pulverizers. One of our customers recently used their RDP40 pulverizer to demolish a bridge overpass in Calgary, precisely crunching its way through concrete, asphalt, rebar, and steel guard rails.

Denis Cimaf on CAT RentalDenis Cimaf Brush Cutters Welcomed to our Product Lineup

ShearForce is proud to have become an official dealer for Denis Cimaf brush cutter and forestry mulchers in Western Canada this past spring. The versatile and easy to use land clearing tool is ideal for right-of-way path cutting, forest fire prevention, road, pipeline, and transmission line development and maintenance. Heat-treated, bolt-on forged knives deliver maximum resistance to impact and abrasion, and can be sharpened right on the unit. Protective rings limit the size of the bites and considerably reduce risks of damage to the knife holders. Watch video of these high power attachments in action on our rental excavator!

xcentric ripper frozen groundXcentric Rippers Work for Benedict Pipelines

With more than 30 years of experience as an integrated oil and gas pipeline contractor, Benedict Pipelines knows a thing or two about getting the job done regardless of the conditions that they operate in. A mid-size pipeline company based in Leduc and Grande Prairie, Alberta, Benedict’s crews install 2” to 16” pipelines, compressors, and facilities across Western Canada. In early January 2017, they purchased and took delivery of two new Xcentric Ripper XR40 hydraulic ripper attachments. They were acquired on the recommendation of another local pipeline company that also owns two XR’s, and who had been successfully using the high frequency tool to excavate in permafrost and rocky terrain. The crew at Benedict has put their new XR40’s to work right away, initially setting up two machines to run the XR but has since set-up four additional excavators within their fleet.

sp20v-video-linkTaking Down a Movie Theater with a Fixed Pulverizer in the Fraser Valley

With a major deadline looming, one of our customers rented a ShearForce SP20V fixed pulverizer for two weeks to tackle primary demolition at an old movie theatre in Abbotsford, BC. Despite the snowy conditions, the customer completed the job on time by using the pulverizer to take down reinforced pillars and brick walls and by crushing larger sections of concrete already on the ground.

xcentric crusher-video-linkXcentric Crusher Buckets Crushing Rock in West Vancouver, BC

Canada’s west coast is renowned for its granite and very hard rock, and contractors are well aware of how stubborn it can be to excavate on a job site. So when it came time to re-purpose some of that infamous west coast rock on a new house building project in on the waterfront in West Vancouver, our customer called us to rent our Volvo excavator with an XC40 high efficiency Xcentric Crusher Bucket. They crushed everything they needed to within two days and kept their project on track to completion.

teej-road-trip-mapGoing the Extra Mile in One Epic Road Trip

This fall was a busy one for our intrepid heavy-duty mechanic Tyler. In November, he traveled almost 3,500 km and visited six different customer sites all in one epic two-week-long whirlwind trip around western Canada.teej-on-site-small He travelled from our shop in Langley –> Edmonton –> Grande Prairie –> Fort St John –> Salmon Arm –> Kelowna –> Victoria and back again, setting up new attachments all along the way. Just another way we support our customers no matter where they may be working.

xr20-frozen-ground-video-linkTearing Frozen Ground in Saskatchewan with the Xcentric Ripper

2017 was a winter to remember in Canada, complete with extremely frigid temperatures and record-breaking snowfall in most provinces. So when it came time to move ahead on a new utilities installation project in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan early this year, the subcontractors working on the project turned to us for a solution to trenching the very hard ground as efficiently as possible. They used an XR20 hydraulic ripper to tear through a top layer of asphalt and one meter deep of frozen ground and were very impressed by the increase in production vs. the static ripper they had been using to that point.

xcentric-screener-new-video-linkXcentric Screening Buckets Arrive On-Site

It was another busy year for Xcentric International sl, one of our key manufacturing partners based in Spain. The producers of the Xcentric Ripper and high efficiency Xcentric Crusher Bucket released a brand-new screening bucket earlier this year. The 12-sided polygonal trommel shakes the material inside more efficiently for faster separation. They feature a larger screening area compared to other screening buckets, reducing the required working time in each cycle. An optional Powerboost system applies vibration to the trommel while turning, significantly increasing production speeds. The new screening buckets are high capacity and low maintenance, and customers have been using them to separate soil from mixed materials with great success this year.

27050-gloucester-way-langley-bcMoving On Up! Settling in to our Brand New Facility in Langley, BC

It was a busy summer for the crews at ShearForce Equipment and Work Truck West as we moved our head office and production facility to the Gloucester Industrial Park in Langley this past July. With a larger shop, streamlined operating space, a completely renovated front office, and a recent beautification of the building’s exterior and grounds, the team is nicely settled in and ready to hit the ground running. “We were very excited to start working in the new space,” said president Brad Dewit. “The new facility will better enable us to meet our customers’ needs now and well in to the future.”

curling-video-linkThe Team Learns to Curl!

Back in February, our team to took to the ice for a Learn to Curl session we wouldn’t forget! Thanks to the crew at Abbotsford Curling Club for showing us the ropes!



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