Our Top 9 Featured Projects of 2016

Posted: February 1, 2017 | Category: Equipment at Work

Far away lands. Unique excavation projects. Brand new products. 2016 was full of all kinds of new undertakings and adventures for the ShearForce Equipment crew.

Check out the list of our Top 9 Featured Projects of 2016!


dease-lake-video-linkInstalling an XR50 Hydraulic Ripper in Dease Lake, BC
Our adventurous heavy duty mechanic Tyler traveled almost 1,700 km to install an Xcentric Ripper for a customer in Dease Lake, BC in August. He was on hand to ensure it was set-up and working efficiently and to train the operating crew. Watch the video of his adventure and the Xcentric Ripper at work excavating mine waste rock.


REMU Screening Bucket Processing Wood Waste in BC’s Interiorremu-wood-screening
One of our customers in BC’s Interior is using the REMU screening bucket for a rather unique application. They successfully started processing wood waste, using the REMU to sort and separate larger pieces of wood fiber from fine particles, reducing the amount of final grinding and crushing they need to do. Their increase in tonnage output and finished product quality convinced them that the REMU should become a permanent piece in their equipment fleet, and they are now utilizing it at pulp mills around BC on a regular basis.

rm-90-setup-video-linkResponding to the Fort McMurray Clean Up Effort
We were provided with an opportunity to supply equipment for the clean-up effort from the devastating wildfires in the Wood Buffalo region in May this year. We partnered with several local contractors and equipment dealers to provide concrete demolition and removal equipment to clean-up crews, including ShearForce pulverizers, hammers, scrap magnets, and this RUBBLE MASTER RM90 GO! mobile impact crusher. Watch the video of the RM90 set-up and test crushing in Northern Alberta this past summer.

New Rental Excavator + Attachment Fleet Available Across Western Canadarental-excavators-video-link
ShearForce was proud to announce an expansion of our equipment rental fleet in May this year. We added a CAT 308E2 mini-excavator and Volvo EC300EL excavator to our rental line-up to allow our customers to take on more specialty projects without the full cost of owning a specialized attachment. The rental excavators are fully plumbed for hydraulic attachments and are available for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals to customers across Western Canada.

tyler-with-XR40To the End of the Earth – Installing an Xcentric Ripper in Canada’s Most Northern Community
This summer was a busy one for our intrepid heavy duty mechanic Tyler. In July, he traveled more than 3,100 km to install an XR30 hydraulic ripper in Resolute Bay, a small Inuit hamlet on Cornwallis Island in Nunavut. Canada’s most northern community is currently working on a large sewer and water line installation project and the Xcentric Ripper is being put to work excavating frozen ground in Canada’s coldest climate. The extreme environment means that crews can only work during the warmest months of the year, and the pressure was on Tyler to ensure the XR was up and running, working as expected, and the operating crew was ready to get maximum production with their new attachment.

ShearForce Hammers Take a Crack at Manitoba Bridge Demolition Projectsshearforce hammer
ShearForce hammers are being put to work all over Canada, including one customer in Manitoba who is using their new fully-hydraulic HR450 hammer for bridge demolition projects across the province. Breaking up reinforced concrete requires precision and power, especially in cold weather climates. ShearForce hammers hit hard, last longer, and cost less than competitive hammers on the market.

demo-day-video-linkShearForce Hosts Demo Day in October
ShearForce Equipment hosted our first ever Demo Day on Friday, October 21 in Abbotsford, BC. Guests were invited to see first-hand and test out the latest in crushing and demolition equipment technologies, including:

  • RUBBLE MASTER RM90 GO! mobile impact crusher
  • ShearForce hydraulic magnets with teeth
  • New ShearForce demo grabs
  • ShearForce rotating demo pulverizers
  • Xcentric Crusher Buckets
  • Motofog dust suppression systems

Watch the Demo Day video to see our new equipment in action!

Partnering for Customer Success: Battery Powered Magnetsbmg-video-link
One of our customers approached us with a request to help standardize their fleet of excavators with lifting magnets for moving and recovering metal on demolition sites. The goal was to deliver a reliable and cost effective alternative to more expensive electromagnets, without comprising on performance or ease of operating. We worked closely with the customer and the excavator dealer to develop an equipment package that made it easier for operators and crews to use and maintain on all of their work sites. Our sales team worked with the equipment dealer to design an upfit for the excavator carriers to run battery-powered magnets, which offer the same look and feel as electromagnets but with more durability. Watch video of the battery-powered magnet at work.

parkland-xr20Parkland Colony Puts Xcentric Ripper to Work
The Parkland Hutterite Colony, located about 120 km south of Calgary, Alberta, has been in existence since the mid 1970’s and has slowly been built up over the last forty years. The 16,000+ acre working farm colony was built in an area where there is a LOT of sandstone, and the terrain is brutal for pipe laying and installation. In the past, Nathan Wipf and his colleagues have used drilling and blasting and static rippers to excavate this tough rock, and have considered directional drilling and hydraulic hammers but know the production wouldn’t justify the costs. So when it came time to plan their newest water line project, Nathan contacted us to see what his best options would be for excavating methods. Our sales team recommended the Xcentric Ripper, which works with the natural fragmentation of the rock and shakes and pries material free using patented impact vibration accumulation technology. Not one to shy away from pioneering new technology, Nathan and his crew are happy with the production rates they’re getting with their XR20 compared to conventional methods and are looking forward to taking on more trenching projects around the colony in the spring.

We’re looking forward to another year of challenging and unique projects in 2017!