Top 10 Products & Projects of 2021

ShearForce Equipment is an excavator attachment supplier that continues to strive to uphold this high standard of excellence. Our goal is simple-to seek out the best of the best, and make it available to you. ShearForce stands behind its products with comprehensive customization, maintenance, and repair services. We have accomplished a lot in 2021 through cooperating with our customers to achieve goals on their job sites and are excited to share our Top 10 Best Products/Projects of 2021. Check out the full lineup of our own ShearForce brand and suppliers below!

Top Products of 2021 | ShearForce HR Series Hammers

Let’s kick off our #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 with the ShearForce HR Series Hammers. ShearForce HR Series Hammers are built to withstand even the toughest demolition jobs in a wide range of different industries. This type of hydraulic hammer can easily be attached to most excavator equipment and is designed to hit hard without causing damage to your machine. Ideal for the toughest demolition, excavation, quarrying, and tunneling jobs.

Click the link to watch the video! https://www.shearforce.ca/equipment/shearforce-hr-hammers/

Top Products of 2021 | ShearForce Post King

Our #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 continues with the ShearForce Post King Post Driver. Drive straight and true fence posts every time. ShearForce post drivers accept wood, pipe, and T-posts, making it useful to many industries in Canada including agriculture, farms, and ranching, orchards, vineyards, utility installation, and much more. This rugged, easy-to-operate post pounded universally attaches to most skid loaders or excavators.

Top Products of 2021 | ShearForce Fixed Demolition Pulverizers

Continuing on with our #TopProductsandProjects with the ShearForce Fixed Demolition Pulverizers. ShearForce Fixed Demolition Pulverizers are the perfect excavator attachment for demolition sites in a wide range of different industries. This type of excavator equipment offers strength and durability that you can count on, in even the toughest work environments. With the help of its speed-boosting system, this excavator attachment can help increase demolition speed without compromising on safety.

Click the link to watch the video! https://www.shearforce.ca/equipment/shearforce-fixed-demolition-pulverizers/

Top Projects of 2021 | The People Behind the Promise

Our #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 continues with the first Top Project featuring our product support and service manager John Zietsma. John is our go-to in-house expert on all things hydraulic attachment-related. With more than 14 years in his current role, he has provided direct support and expertise to our customers while leading the team of service technicians in our shop to complete attachment repairs, rebuilds, reseals, and more critical repair work that keeps our customers working.

Click the link to watch the video! https://www.shearforce.ca/the-people-behind-the-promise-john-zietsma-service-manager-shearforce-excavator-attachments/

Top Products of 2021 | Shearex Forestry Mulchers

The next #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 features the Shearex Forestry Mulcher. The Shearex forestry mulcher for excavators allows you to be precise and fast with your mulching and tree clearing work. With the greater agility of the boom-mounted excavator brush cutter, you can rise to the toughest of mulching challenges. Shearex forestry mulchers are the ultimate tool for fast and efficient roadside maintenance, invasive species removal, land clearing, and underbrush maintenance.

Top Products of 2021 | ShearForce SM Series Hammers

Carrying on with the #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 with the ShearForce SM Series Hammers. ShearForce SM Series Hammers are necessary and useful excavator attachments on large and small construction sites in a wide range of industries. SM large hammers are gas-fired hydraulic hammers that offer even more value for your toughest construction and demolition projects.

Click the link to watch the video! https://www.shearforce.ca/equipment/shearforce-sm-series-hammers/

Top Products of 2021 | ShearForce Scrap and Demolition Magnets

Continuing with our #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 with the ShearForce Scrap and Demolition Magnets. ShearForce heavy-duty lifting magnets offer easy handling of ferrous material in scrap and recycling yards and on demolition sites. ShearForce Scrap and Demolition Magnets are the perfect excavator equipment for demolishing and recycling large magnetic materials. All ShearForce Scrap and Demolition Magnets are extremely easy to operate and provide the same level of power as premium brands at a more affordable rate.

Top Projects of 2021 | The People Behind the Promise

Our #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 continues with the second Top Project featuring our president, Brad Dewit. Since he took over the leadership position at West Coast Machinery in 1996, Brad has set the tone and led the charge to grow the company and its two divisions, ShearForce Equipment and Work Truck West, into the largest specialty equipment distributorship in Western Canada. With three locations across BC and Alberta, the team has upscaled swiftly and sustainably under Brad’s guidance to meet our customers’ needs across Canada and beyond.

Click the link to watch the video! https://www.shearforce.ca/the-people-behind-the-promise-brad-dewit-president-of-shearforce-equipment/

Top Products of 2021 | ShearForce Compactors

Presenting our #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 with ShearForce Compactors. Save money without sacrificing power and durability. Choose ShearForce hydraulic compactors (hoe-packs). Perfect for a selection of different industries and applications, ShearForce Compactors are available in 5 models with mounting options for every type of excavator equipment. This type of excavator attachment boasts reliable power, providing you with the strength and durability you can rely on.

Top Products of 2021 | Xcentric Ripper

Our Last #TopProductsandProjects of 2021 features the Xcentric Ripper. Using patented Impact Vibration Accumulation Technology, the hydraulic ripper attachment works with the natural rigidity of the rock, and the vibrations that are produced shake the material to deepen cracks for an easier breakup. The Xcentric Ripper is an exceptional tool for frozen ground excavation, rock excavation, quarrying, surface and underground mining, oil sands excavation, utility project installations, pipeline trenching, demolition, slag recycling, dredging, and even underwater applications.

Click the link to watch the video! https://www.shearforce.ca/equipment/xcentric-ripper/

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