ShearForce’s Top Projects of 2018

Posted: December 5, 2018 | Category: Equipment at Work

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Ambitious demolition jobs across Canada. Epic volumes of rock and concrete crushed. Even more innovative new products than last year. 2018 was full of all kinds of new undertakings and adventures for the ShearForce Equipment team.

Check out the list of our Top Projects of 2018!

xr mining series video link May 2018Xcentric Ripper and Xcentric Crusher Buckets Working Together to Rebuild Forestry Service Roads

2018 marked the launch of the all new redesigned Xcentric Ripper Mining Series hydraulic ripper and it made a big impact for our customers that put it to work on job sites across Western Canada. Watch this crew in Northern British Columbia excavate shale material from side banks using an XR42 hydraulic ripper and re-purpose it right away as road base by crushing to 5″ minus right on site using the Xcentric XC30 high efficiency crusher bucket.

grizzly-pile-removal-video-linkEffortless Removal of Wood Piles with the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGRIP Pile Driver

One of our demolition contractor customers in the Lower Mainland took on a tough job removing decaying old wood pilings from a decommissioned foundry this past year and they rented a Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip Vibratory Pile Driver to get the submerged poles removed as intact and quickly as possible. The Grizzly’s side grip feature and 360-degree rotation allowed the operator to maneuver and precisely handle the 40-foot pilings in less than half the time they had budgeted for.

rdp40-bridge-demo-video-linkDeconstructing an Overpass in Calgary with a ShearForce Rotating Demolition Pulverizer

When it comes to demolition projects with mixed materials, there’s no better tool to handle initial deconstruction than our ShearForce Rotating Demolition Pulverizers. One of our customers recently used their RDP40 pulverizer to demolish the Glenmore overpass in Calgary, precisely crunching its way through concrete, asphalt, rebar, and steel guard rails.

XC-XS-video-linkXcentric Crushing and Screening Buckets Recycle and Re-purpose Blast Rock On Site

Processing large rock segments and boulders can be a time and cost intensive process, requiring transport for oversize material processing off-site and bringing clean material back to site for final placement. One of our customers on Vancouver Island brought in two high efficiency attachments – the Xcentric Crusher and Screening Buckets – to eliminate transport costs by processing excavated rock right on site, creating custom particle sizes easily and on demand. The Xcentric Crusher Bucket was used to reduce rock to ¾” minus to be used as road base and 1-1/2” minus to use as drain rock. They used the Xcentric Screening Bucket to separate the oversized material from the topsoil on site, effectively recycling all of their excavated material and saving time and money on exporting and importing material.

hr-hammer-calgary-ring-roadShearForce Hydraulic Hammers Make a Big Impact on Calgary’s SW Ring Road Project

ShearForce hammers can be found on road building sites across Canada, none more high profile than Calgary’s latest ring road development. Since the summer of 2008, one of our road building contractor customers has used their ShearForce HR380 hammer mounted to Volvo EC380D to break down sandstone slabs for transport and eventually be processed into a useful crushed product for road base. The fully-hydraulic breaker will be used non-stop for at least two years and is a perfect match for the application.

XR-Mining-XR82-video-linkNew Xcentric Ripper Mining Series Put to the Test on the Alaskan Shoreline

One of our customers in the pile and dredging industry was searching for an excavation tool that could be deployed for a three-month project which included the removal of more than 40,000 yards of basalt from a shoreline to make way for a new harbor and breakwater for incoming marine traffic. The superintendent saw video of the new Xcentric Ripper Mining Series working online and decided to give the new more powerful version of the hydraulic ripper a chance to prove it belonged in their arsenal of excavation tools. Read the full story.

mdp-crane-building-croppedPrecision Matters When Demolishing in Urban Settings

Infrastructure renewal is integral for many of Western Canada’s cities and urban centers, and ShearForce had the pleasure of participating in some complex and strategic demolition projects in 2018. One of our customers was tasked with taking down the BMO building in downtown Edmonton this fall, demolishing the building floor by floor, eventually ending up at the ground level. The LaBounty MDP20 mobile demolition pulverizer was purchased specifically for the job and craned into position on the top floor of the building to start the deconstruction process. This project presented extra challenges as a main road is directly adjacent to the work site, along with other towers in the direct vicinity, which required an immense amount of planning for maneuvering the equipment and removing the demolished material from the site.

SM-hammer-video-linkShearForce SM Series Hammer Clearing the Way for a New Subdivision on Sumas Mountain

Whether you’re breaking concrete or excavating rock, ShearForce hammers hit hard and offer a great return on your equipment investment. Watch the SM45 excavate hard rock on a CAT 330D excavator on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford, BC in preparation for subdivision construction.

New Products

XR Mining Needs Met Feb 2018Better. Stronger. Faster. The all new Xcentric Ripper Mining Series is built for long working shifts in tough conditions. Featuring a remodeled working platform, larger and heavier eccentric gears, and a reinforced lower pivot arm and housing, the innovative new Mining Series is ready to make an impact in Western Canada.

Moley-claw-magnet-Needs-Met-Oct-2018ShearForce was proud to add Moley Magnetics to the product lineup this year. A proven leader in the scrap handling industry, we now carry the full line of Moley excavator mounted magnets, including hydraulic, battery powered, electromagnets, magnets with teeth for sorting demolished material, and magnets with grapples. We also carry on-board diesel and hydraulic generators for added magnetic power.

Antraquip-drum-cutter-Needs-Met-July-2018In our never-ending search for high quality attachments, we recently added some new cutting tools to our product lineup. Antraquip Rotary Cutters and Saws are ideal for trench cutting on hard and compact materials, concrete or rock wall profiling, quarry works, demolition work, and dredging. The dual-head rotary drum cutter features an internal hydraulic piston motor and direct drive rotary cutters for maximum efficiency and minimum non-operational space between cutting heads. Antraquip’s carbide rockwheels offer a cutting solution with a minimum width of roughly 2”, while the diamond saw offers a cutting solution for hard rock that other mechanized methods of cutting simply cannot handle.

SHEARFORCE RC35 BLACK SILVER 2New to ShearForce! Rail cutting shears designed to quickly and precisely cut high tensile strength rails. The ShearForce excavator-mounted rail cutter is a specialized tool for precise demolition of rail systems and for preparing scrap from railway lines. With unequaled power and speed, the RC35 rail cutter shear allows you to efficiently break North American flat bottom type rails of all sizes.

Stokkermill-wire-granulator-Needs-Met-Nov-2018Metal Separation Systems from Stokkermill Available Now from ShearForce! We are proud to sell, service, and support Stokkermill wire granulator systems in Western Canada, saving our scrap recycling customers time and money by efficiently granulating and separating copper or coils and aluminum for faster processing and easier recycling of mixed materials. With a production range of 375-880 lb/hr, turbo models increase productivity of a typical granulator mill by 20-30%. Works well for processing thin cables (i.e. data and telephone cables, e-waste harnesses) and pre-shredded copper-aluminum coils and radiators.

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