ShearForce & Clearview Demolition Partner for Local Deconstruction | Hydraulic Attachments

Posted: February 2, 2022 | Category: Our People | Our Promise


For Clearview Demolition, no project is too large or too complex. They offer turnkey demolition solutions across British Columbia, from permitting and hazmat abatement to deconstruction and recycling. Their crews have the experience, equipment, and expertise to complete any complicated deconstruction project at scale. With a modern fleet of specialty hydraulic attachments and demolition equipment, they are counted on to deliver on the most challenging projects safely and sustainably.

When it came time to take down an obsolete overpass as part of the Port of Vancouver’s major infrastructure project, the Clearview crews deployed their go-to hydraulic attachment tools designed specifically for precise and powerful breaking and cutting. They used their ShearForce SM45 Hammer to bust up the concrete and asphalt followed by a LaBounty mobile shear to cut and minimize rebar and metal conduit.

ShearForce hydraulic hammers and breakers offer the best return on your equipment investment. ShearForce SM Series Hammers are necessary and useful excavator attachments on large and small construction sites in a wide range of industries. All ShearForce excavator equipment is specifically designed to withstand the toughest working environment and is backed by the expertise of the ShearForce team.

LaBounty Scrap and Demolition Mobile Shears are engineered to maximize performance, longevity, and safety with significantly reduced maintenance time. Applications include scrap metal recycling and processing, road and bridge reconstruction, building demolition, and wood demolition and recycling. Perfect for a selection of different industries, LaBounty Scrap, and Demolition Mobile Shears is the world leader in excavator shears and are available in different models for different machine types. With their 360-degree rotation, these shear blades offer easy operation and precise handling on even the most complicated projects.

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