Excavator Parts & Services

Excavator Attachment Service & Parts

Our service philosophy is simple: minimize your downtime by getting your equipment back into operation fast. Whether you need a new part, major repairs, or just some friendly advice, our team is here for you. We deliver prompt service and top-quality warranty support.

In-Shop Service and Repairs

We are a certified repair shop for all of your hammer, compactor, and other hydraulic excavator attachment repairs. We repair all makes and models, and on-site repairs are also just a phone call away. If you need to rebuild or customize, give us a call at 1.800.255.5211.

We provide routine maintenance and repairs for everything we sell, and just about everything else related to hydraulic-mounted attachments and hand tools. We have plenty of space for excavators that may require repairs, hydraulic plumbing setups, or maintenance.

Some of our in-shop services include:

  • Hydraulic hammer reseals and repairs
  • Compactor and hoe-pack repairs and motor reseals
  • Shear maintenance and blade flips
  • Hydraulic hand tool rebuilds and repairs.

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Mobile Service Mechanic

In addition to our shop crew, we also have a certified heavy-duty mechanic available for on-site set-ups and field repairs across Western Canada and the United States. From Victoria to Fort McMurray and even as far as Resolute Bay, Nunavut! Wherever you are, we’re on our way.


Hammer Tools and Wear Parts

We supply common wear parts for everything we sell, including:

  • Hammer tool bits and chisels
  • Chisel paste and hammer grease
  • Compactor rubber mounts
  • Shear blade kits
  • Ripper teeth

Hammer Chisels and Tool Bits are in Stock and Available For All Brands!

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Excavator Plumbing

Excavator PlumbingNeed plumbing for a new attachment? You’ve come to the right place. We have a super-sized shop, the parts in stock, and an expert team of hydraulic specialists ready to get the job done fast.

Parts & Service Contacts

BC and All Other Regions

Product Support Manager John Zietsma leads our service team at our head office in Langley, British Columbia, offering a broad range of expertise, including heavy-duty mechanic, automotive mechanic, hydraulics, installation and wiring, welding, and fabrication services.

To order parts, request service, or just ask a question, you can call John at 1-800-255-5211 or send John an email.

Alberta and Saskatchewan

Looking for parts and service in Alberta? Contact Travis Ostermeier, our Product Support Manager at our Airdrie, Alberta location.