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Posted: March 29, 2021 | Category: Equipment at Work, Excavator, ShearForce Hammers, Xcentric Ripper

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When it comes to selecting the best hydraulic attachment for your rock excavation projects, there are a few factors to consider before you hit the ground. Your rock excavation cost per cubic yard increases significantly when you consider the overall density, compressive strength, and presence or absence of fracturing in the material you’re aiming to excavate. These considerations are compounded by environmental considerations including remoteness of location and sensitivity of the surrounding ecosystem.

Our team of hydraulic attachment specialists is here to help you select the breaking equipment for your excavator, backhoe, or skid steer that best fits your needs and goals on your job site. We worked with the research team at FP Innovations working on behalf of BC Timber Sales to develop this chart depicting the best hydraulic tool to apply to the different types of naturally occurring rock found in Western Canada and beyond.

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Rock excavation production rates vary significantly depending on two main factors: overall Hardness (Mohs scale) and Compressive Strength (MPa), which includes the amount of fracturing the rock material shows. The harder the rock target material, the slower production generally, especially in Very Hard rock classified at 207 MPa or higher.

The rock excavation tools below are designed to work optimally in every different type of rock our customers encounter, and our team recommends each equipment solution after careful consideration of the target material and environmental factors.

Xcentric Ripper Mining Series

Best for Soft and Medium Hardness Rock, Fractured Rock, and Frozen Ground

Xcentric Ripper excavator attachment

  • High productivity in softer and fractured materials, up to 450 m3/h or 5x faster than a hydraulic hammer
  • Heavy-duty excavation tool designed for continuous work shifts and high productivity rates.
  • Reinforced mechanics to achieve a greater impact at a lower frequency.
  • Low maintenance | Low noise | Easy operation
  • Works very well under water and in extreme cold and permafrost
  • 5 models to fit 24 – 140 ton carriers
  • Field replaceable ripper teeth
  • Two year limited warranty

How to Excavate Hard Rock?

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ShearForce Hydraulic Hammers

Best for Medium to Very Hard Rock, Minimally Fractured Rock

  • Solid and reliable tool suitable for a wide range of soft to very hard rock
  • Double speed stroke system adjusts blows based on material hardness
  • Anti blank fire feature
  • Auto shut off system
  • Nitrogen-fired operation
  • Auto lube system available
  • 16 models to fit 0.75 – 80 ton carriers
  • Two year limited warranty

Yamamoto Rock Splitters


Best for Very Hard Rock

  • Based on the traditional wedge and feather method, but uses hydraulic power to split the rock instead of impact force.
  • Requires pre-drilling target material before splitting
  • Powerful and efficient with 100-400+ cubic meters of production per shift
  • Simple, reliable and durable with minimal moving parts.
  • Zero noise! No impact or vibration
  • 2 models to fit carriers 12+ tons


Here to Help

Our team of hydraulic attachment specialists is here to help you select the best rock excavation method for your toughest projects! Call us at 1.800.255.5211 to get in touch with our team.


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