LaBounty Decimates Downtime with Smarter and More Powerful Mobile Shears

Posted: April 3, 2019 | Category: LaBounty Shears, New Products

LaBounty hydraulic mobile scrap and demolition shears are getting a whole lot smarter and more powerful this year. The industry-leading manufacturer of the legendary Sabre Series excavator-mounted shear is pushing the standard to new heights yet again, by introducing the newly redesigned Legend Series shear. The new design update coincides with the release of the eagerly anticipated InSite™ telematics and ProCall™ remote assistance programs, which are sure to be game changers when it comes to optimizing how your shears are used on a daily basis.

Legend Series – Shears Have Never Been More Productivemsd2500r_ang_1

  • Dual Maximum Indexable Protection The industry’s only full-protection, indexable, piercing tip
  • 10% More Force than prior models due to enhanced jaw geometry
  • Enhanced Lower Jaw and Steadfast Control
  • Available Now on MSD2500 and MSD2500R, All Models Coming Soon


InSite™ Telematicslabounty insite logo

The revolutionary InSite™ platform pulls data from your LaBounty Shears to provide performance metrics that help you increase productivity, reduce downtime, and prevent breakdowns on site. InSite provides actionable information to prevent downtime and increase productivity to boost your bottom-line.

All new LaBounty mobile scrap and demolition shears come equipped from the factory with the InSite telematics kit installed and ready to track your shear’s performance.

  • 3 Year Warranty Starting in 2019, every shear utilizing InSite will come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s because InSite is more than attachment data – it’s an advanced digital platform designed to flag irregularities and provide dealers, and the LaBounty service team, the ability to monitor and remotely diagnose issues that can lead to costly downtime.
  • Optimize Shear Performance Get the most out of your shear by confirming pressures and flows are set correctly.
  • Get More Work Done Process more by idling, sorting and moving the shear less. InSite’s Job Tracker can show you how.
  • Fix Problems Before They Occur Receive actionable information to help you avoid costly downtime.
  • Real Time Production Analysis Live and historical data can be assessed from a mobile application.
  • Retrofit Kits Available Upfit your current shear in around 4 hours and get the power of LaBounty InSite working for you.

ProCall™ Remote SupportLaBounty Procall logo

  • Virtual Field Support Use ProCall™ to receive an instant virtual service call from an authorized technician.
  • Remote technicians take control of your mobile phone to see exactly what you are seeing, taking photographs, turning on the flashlight and more to diagnose the problem on the spot.
  • With augmented reality tools, technicians can point to and draw on your screen to guide you through a fix – without actually being there on site.
  • With the issue resolved, the technician can send a recording of the call to reinforce the instructions. Additionally, the call is automatically archived for future training and knowledge sharing.
  • ProCall is embedded within the InSite mobile application and getting expert help is now just a click away.