Kemano Construction Ltd Testimonial Video | ShearForce RDG22 Rotating Demolition Grapple

Posted: April 25, 2022 | Category: Equipment at Work


Kemano Construction Ltd. is a Drilling, Blasting, and Excavating company located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. They have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and their experience includes mining, quarries, pipelines, forestry, large and small subdivisions, highways, and other heavy civil projects.

When it came time to clean up debris from the Sumas Prairie flooding, the Kemano Construction crew deployed their team and specialized equipment to make short work of the flood clean-up project. Mounted on a Doosan DX190W Wheeled Excavator, they used their ShearForce RDG22 Rotating Demolition Grapple to precisely sort through the leftover wreckage. Cleaning up ditches and picking up household debris, tires, and even bales of hay that were strewn across the fields and roads of Abbotsford’s Sumas Prairie.

ShearForce Rotating Demolition Grapples are designed for demolition, handling, and sorting concrete, rock, wood, and metal materials. Two central hydraulic cylinders produce high forces with low pressure to ensure a secure load every time. This demolition grapple is tough enough to handle your demolition projects and precisely place sorted material on your job site.

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