Excavator Attachment Tips for Winter

Posted: August 18, 2016 | Category: Attachment Maintenance Tips, Excavator

xcentric ripper frozen ground excavation


Winter is Coming! Beat the Cold this Year with These Prep Tips and Attachments Designed for Frigid Weather

Excavator attachment tips for winter designed to help you keep your excavator running all season long. Excavating frozen ground is an annual challenge for our customers across Canada that need to keep their projects on track during the coldest months. When the temperature dips below zero, your machine and excavator attachments have to work even harder to keep up production. Keep your winter projects on track with these helpful tips:

  1. Give yourself time to warm up.frozen-ground-excavators
    Just like our muscles, hydraulic excavator attachments can be damaged if adequate warm-up procedures are not applied in cold weather. Warm the hydraulic system of the carrier before operating the attachment. Circulate the oil in the carrier system until it is warm to the touch or approximately 60°F (15°C). With the engine at half throttle, activate the attachment for five seconds and stop for 15 seconds. Repeat this cycle for two to three minutes before starting work.frozen-ground-hydraulic hammer
  2. Make sure rubber components are ready to brave the elements.
    Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on rubber components in your hydraulic attachments, prompting cracks and tears that could mean serious downtime for you and your equipment. Minimize delays by having spare seals, rubber mounts, hoses, and fittings on hand in case you need them in a pinch.
  3. Use attachments designed for cold-weather applications. frozen-ground-xcentric-ripper
    Frozen ground is much denser and more compacted than thawed ground, and traditional methods of earthmoving, such as a static ripper or claw bucket, just don’t cut it when the temperature dips below zero. The Xcentric Ripper hydraulic ripper outproduces hydraulic hammers and static rippers by up to 10 times in frozen ground, as it utilizes patented Impact Vibration Accumulation technology to shake the material and deepen cracks for easier breakup. Watch the Xcentric Ripper working in frozen ground video to see it at work.
  4. Not using your attachments this season? Store them with love and care. hydraulic hammer proper storage
    If you aren’t planning on using your excavator attachments or mini excavator attachments over the winter months, consider proper storage options for your equipment. Hydraulic hammers should be stored upright in a vertical stand to protect the seals and minimize moisture pooling. All attachments should ideally be stored indoors to prevent corrosion and water permeation.