Excavating frozen ground in northern Manitoba

Posted: August 18, 2016 | Category: Equipment at Work, Xcentric Ripper

Excavating Frozen GroundWhen one of our customers in northern Manitoba took on a recent project preparing a site for worker camps, they didn’t foresee the environmental challenges that lied ahead. The future campsite was filled with a soil and sand mixture in the fall of 2013, but after several weeks of rain and a turn to sub-zero temperatures, the ground quickly froze to more than five feet deep. The project was in jeopardy before they discovered the Xcentric Ripper, and within a few hours of using the new tool on one of their excavators, they were back on track to complete the project on time and within their original budget.

The Xcentric Ripper shakes and pries dense material loose, finding natural cracks and crevices to open in hard ground, rock, and concrete. Watch the video below to see how customers in cold climates can take advantage of the Xcentric Ripper’s versatility and power.