Yamamoto Rock Splitter Excavator Attachment

yamamoto rock-splitter for sale rent canada bc alberta
yamamoto rock-splitter for sale rent canada bc alberta

Yamamoto Hydraulic Rock Splitters excavate hard rock without the worry of vibrations, flyrock, or hazardous noise. Hydraulic rock splitters are a solid alternative to blasting methods. The rock splitter method is based on the traditional wedge and feather methodology but uses hydraulic power to split the rock instead of impact force.

The splitter is normally mounted on an excavator and uses the hydraulic power of the carrier. But it can easily be used on a crane or custom carrier, it all depends on the type of project. The simple installation method allows it to be moved from carrier to carrier without any major modifications, so the same splitter can be used in many different types of applications.

For large-volume rock excavation in hard rock, there is simply no mechanical method more efficient, safe, and quiet than Yamamoto Hydraulic Rock Splitter. This is the reason it has been used worldwide in some of the most challenging construction projects.

  • Based on the traditional wedge and feather method, but uses hydraulic power to split the rock instead of impact force.
  • Powerful and efficient with 100-400+ cubic meters of production per shift
  • Simple, reliable, and durable with minimal moving parts.
  • Zero noise! No impact or vibration
  • 2 models to fit carriers 12+ tons

How does Yamamoto Rock Splitter work?

The working principle of the Yamamoto Rock Splitter is based on two counter wedges inserted in a pre-drilled hole. A hydraulic cylinder pushes out a center wedge between the counter wedges to spread them apart and the rock is forced to crack.


1st Step:

Insert half of the total length of wedge and operate the Yamamoto splitter to split.

2nd Step:

Then insert about ¾ of the total length of the wedge to split again.

3rd Step:

Finally, insert the total length of the wedge and split to complete.

High Productivity

The larger wedge increases the spacing between holes and allows for deeper cracking with each split.

Robust and Durable

Designed with minimal moving parts, utilizes the pressure of the carrier.

Zero Noise

Constant hydraulic force is much quieter than impact tools.

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ModelWeight (lbs)Drill Hole Diameter (in)Drill Hole Depth (in)Splitting Force (tons)Splitting Distance (in)Operating Pressure Range (gpm)Carrier Weight (tons)
HRB-100014334592,25015076 - 725212+
HRB-17003310598.53,5501.25076 - 725220+

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