Xcentric Crusher Bucket Excavator Attachment

crusher bucket
crusher bucket

Xcentric® High-Performance Crusher Buckets are perfect for a wide range of different industries and applications. Xcentric Crusher Buckets are a type of high-performance excavator crusher equipment for crushing both wet and dry materials right on the job site. All of these excavator crusher buckets are easy to use and can produce valuable material right onsite, in a variety of sizes without the additional trucking costs.

  • Double the production of a conventional crusher bucket*
  • Circular jaw movement allows for the crushing of wet materials.
  • The design prevents large pieces from getting stuck in the bucket´s mouth.
  • Simple, quick, and precise output size adjustment
  • Updated kinematics and jaw movement, achieving higher production rates and
    significantly less stagnation, requiring less power from the excavator.
  • A more precise and simple granulometry adjustment system offers rapid change with a greater range of output sizes.
  • A maintenance-free power train increases the reliability of the machine in the long term.
  • The chassis and components are made of Hardox 400.
    *vs. comparable models at max. particle size.

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ModelWeight (lbs)Bucket Capacity (m3)Oil Flow (gpm)Operating Pressure (psi)Output per hour (m3)Carrier Weight (tons)
XC5F37470.42434804-704-6 Skid Steer

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