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Tinbin TC2 Dry Vac Excavator Attachments

tinbin tc2 dry van excavator attachment for sale rent canada bc alberta
tinbin tc2 dry van excavator attachment for sale rent canada bc alberta

Tinbin | The Revolutionary New Dry Vac Excavator Attachment!

Turn your excavator into a suction truck with the Tinbin TC2 dry vac excavator attachment. It rotates to get into those tight spots unreachable to a hydro-vac truck and allows you to dump excavated materials right on site and avoid slurry disposal charges. Avoid long wait times for trucks and maximize your machinery utilization with this revolutionary new dry vac excavator attachment.

The Tinbin TC2 allows you to excavate quickly, cleanly, and precisely. Dry suction excavation is non-conductive and allows you to stay on-site longer, boosting productivity.

• Reduced operating costs vs. hydrovac trucks.
• Significant reduction in damaged underground utilities.
• Attaches to standard excavator boom.
• Easy to unload in a bin or on job site.
• Quiet operation.
• Keep on site and use whenever you need.
• Works great for removing silt, mud & oil spills on water.
• Fits carriers >16 tons

• Replaces manual excavation work
• Excavation for utility repair
• Utility day-lighting / pot-holing
• Removal of silt & mud from larger excavations

Municipal Work
• Cleaning sewers and storm drains
• Cleaning ditches and culverts
• Day-lighting / pot-holing
• Replacement of playground sand

Rail Track Construction & Maintenance
• Easy removal of ballast during tie replacement
• Day-lighting work in restricted locations
• Day-lighting of signal & communication cables
• Removal of fouled ballast
• Derailment cleanup

Environmental Work / Landscaping
• Gentle exposure of tree roots
• Utility day-lighting in areas with tree roots
• Removal of contaminated soils
• Cleanup of oil spills on water

Eco Friendly

Contains contaminated soil for treatment.

Minimal Noise

Much quieter than hydrovac truck units.

Precise Excavation

Work in tight areas without damaging utilities.

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