Stanley Hydraulic Compactor Excavator Attachments

HSX6 Angle
HSX6 Angle

Pack, Pound, and Punish. Make an impact with Stanley Hydraulic Compactors (Hoe-Packs). Stanley Compactors are the industry standard for excavator attachment compactors, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications. This type of excavator equipment is available in 4 different models with mounting options for any size machine. All Stanley Compactors are designed to provide serious compaction power and strength, which means the job will be finished properly the first time around.

Stanley hydraulic mounted compactors or hoe-packs offer more than five times the efficiency of handheld compactors and are effective for both flat and slope compaction. Hydraulic compactors can also be used as a driver for piles, posts, I-beams and more, on skid steers, backhoes, mini-excavators, and large excavators.

  • 4 models to fit 2.5 – 71 ton machines.
  • Outboard shock mounts distribute compactor vibration energy evenly across the entire base plate. Keeps the attachment level, extending the life of the motor, bearings, and mounts.
  • Rugged Construction – box-section base plate construction with four-corner suspension.
  • Flow control valve to protect from overspeeding.
  • Cross-check valve prevents sudden jolting shock to motor or bearings.
  • Hose block prevents hose twisting and wear.
  • High-pressure motor seals prevent damage from pressure spikes.

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4 Models

A model to fit any size machine

Serious Compaction Power

Ranging from 3,400 to 22,000 lbs of centrifugal force.

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Worldwide leader in mounted tools.

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Post Pounding Cup Adapter
Spare Rubber Mounts
Full Range of Couplers for Hydraulic Lines


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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
    Backhoe Loaders
  • Skid Steer Loaders
    Skid Steer Loaders

Post Pounding Cup Adapter


Ideal for driving up to 12” wood or metal posts. Great for berry farms, vineyards, and livestock fencing.



ModelWeight (lbs)Centrifugal Force (lbs)Vibrations Per MinuteBaseplate Size (in)Oil Flow (gpm)Max Pressure (psi)Carrier Weight (tons)
HSX33703400210018.8 x 2012-2525002.5-6.5
HSX68506400200023.5 x 26 12-2525004.5-15
HSX11142511350200027 x 3028-6025008-27.5
HSX22220022000210032 x 4242-70250027-71

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