Precisely cut thick layers of concrete, asphalt, or rock with the Simex wheel excavator. Ideal for digging perfect trenches in tight locations without disturbing the surrounding environment. Simex Wheel Excavators allow for quick and easy site clearing, even in hard to cut areas of the worksite. This type of excavator attachment is available with different wheel widths, allowing you to customize the wheel excavator for your specific needs and goals. All Simex Wheel Excavators are worksite and environmentally friendly, and offer low noise pollution.

  • 3 models producing excavation depths of 6 to 24 inches
  • Different wheel widths available
  • High performance on asphalt, concrete, and rock
  • Only one pass needed to cut a trench with precision
  • Cuts and clears spoil simultaneously
  • Add on closing kit sends spoil to one side only
  • Compact design limits roadway occupied to the width of the skid steer.

Single Pass Clearing

Cuts and clears trench in one go.

Narrow Profile

Access hard to cut areas on your work site.

Work Site Friendly

Low noise and environmentally friendly.

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Varying Wheel Widths
Hydraulically Driven Trench Clearing Device
Spare Teeth
Teeth Holders


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Compatible Equipment

  • Skid Steer Loaders
    Skid Steer Loaders

Hydraulically Driven Trench Clearing Device


Hydraulically lift and lower the blade to ensure no material is left in the trench.


Model Weight (lbs)Oil Flow (gpm)Operating Pressure (psi)Excavation Depth (in)Average Excavation Speed (in/min)

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