ShearForce Static Ripper Excavator Attachments

ShearForce SR4000 Static Ripper excavator attachment
ShearForce SR4000 Static Ripper excavator attachment

Simple and affordable option for breaking hard materials. All ShearForce Static Rippers are designed to withstand even the harshest excavating jobs in a wide range of industries. This type of excavator attachment offers concentrated penetrating power and is a cost-effective alternative to other types of excavator equipment, such as hydraulic hammers and rippers.

Our ShearForce Static Rippers are designed with a single-point tooth to maximize the machine’s penetrating power and quick change lugging for minimal downtime. Ideal for loosening dirt, rock, and frost for excavation.

  • Machined quick change lugging.
  • Durable ripper shank.
  • Wear-resistant plate and replaceable tooth for easier maintenance.
  • Optimized for any machine class.
  • Easy operation for trenching and breaking frozen ground.
  • Cost-effective alternative to hydraulic rippers and hammers.
  • Works well in frozen, hard pan, shale, caliche, and corral materials.
  • 5 models to fit 10 – 65 ton machine.
  • In Stock!

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5 models to choose from in this series

A model to fit any size machine

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No plumbing to set-up, just hook up and get to work!

Excellent Value

Same power as premium brands at a lower cost.

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ModelWeight (lbs)Length (in)Shank Width (in)Carrier Weight (tons)Tooth Part Number
SR6000 4182664.7558-654T-5503

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