ShearForce Rail Cutting Shears

SHEARFORCE RC35 rail cutting shear
SHEARFORCE RC35 rail cutting shear

ShearForce rail cutting shears are designed to quickly and precisely cut high tensile strength rails. The ShearForce excavator-mounted rail cutter is a specialized tool for precise demolition of rail systems and for preparing scrap from railway lines. With unequaled power and speed, the RC35 rail cutter shear allows you to efficiently break North American flat bottom type rails of all sizes.

  • Specially designed jaw and cutting blades for rail cutting
  • Enclosed hydraulic cylinder
  • Heavy-duty main pin and bearing
  • Upper and lower jaws built with the strongest Hardox® steel for resistance to the toughest material and environment.
  • Easily interchangeable cutting blades, bolts, and shims
  • Heavy-duty rotation engines with planetary reduction gears for 360° of rotation.

Must-Have Tool for Rail Demolition

High efficiency specialized tool.

360° Rotation

For easy operation and precise handling.

Excellent Value

Same power as premium brands at a lower cost.

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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators

Operator Testimonial

The RC35 rail cutter shear is more reliable with fewer repercussions in the excavator cab than other tools. The structural strength is unmatched, we believe our productivity has increased by more than 40%.


ModelWeight (lbs)Reach 2nd Member (ft)Working Pressure (psi)Oil Flow (gpm)Cutting CapacityCarrier Weight 2nd Member (tons)Carrier Weight 3rd Member (tons)
RC3577168'2"454855 - 77Flat Bottom All Sizes19 - 2830 - 50

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