ShearForce Flail Mower Excavator Attachments

shearforce excavator flail mower for sale rent canada
shearforce excavator flail mower for sale rent canada

From initial purchase to maintenance and repairs, ShearForce flail mowers offer the best return on your equipment investment.

ShearForce’s FM Series excavator-mounted flail mowers are designed to cut grasses, brush, and brambles. They can also access locations that are inaccessible to conventional mowers and tractors, including steep slopes, riverbanks, ditches, and hilly areas.

  • Hookup is simple and hoses connect directly to the hydraulic motor.
  • Lightweight but very solid frame structure design.
  • Compact hard-faced flail knives are incredibly wear-resistant and optimized to cut grasses, weeds, and small twigs. A hardened hammer version is also available.
  • Available with J-style blades or hammer knives for optimal performance in all applications.*
  • Hydraulic bypass protects the hydraulic motor by diverting sudden build-ups of pressure.
  • Mechanical Float Adapter allows smooth mowing operation following the contour of the ground.*
  • Protected Rotor ends keep vines and cables that wrap around the rotor from damaging the bearings.
  • No case drain line is required.
  • Available on select models.

4 models to choose from in this series

Models to fit compact machines 1.7-15 tons

Low Maintenance

Less downtime due to enhanced blade design

Fast and Powerful

Cuts quickly and effortlessly

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Hammer Knives
Replacement Flail Knives


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FM80037531.5348513-1918 3-6
FM110044143.3348513-1926 5-10
FM1300119051426723-2622 13-15

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