Powerful, affordable, and portable dust control equipment for your job site. Motofog Dust Suppression Systems are self-contained units that are ideal for containing dust in a wide range of different industries. These units are available in both gas and diesel, and are completely safe, as well as environmentally friendly. All Motofog Dust Suppression Systems offer extreme movability, making them easy to quickly move from one jobsite location to the next.

Motofog is a portable jet dust suppression system ideal for any job site. These industrial misting machines effectively control dust, debris, and odors that are created during construction, demolition, mining, sawmilling, and many other industrial applications. Motofog with dual jet technology is highly flexible and adjustable to suit the operator’s requirements.

Motofog is available with Diesel (D) and Gas (B) engine.

  • Great for demolition, hazardous material removal, including asbestos, and odor control.
  • Easily transported in a pick-up truck for quick placement around your project area.
  • Max throw distance up to 35 meters (115 ft)
  • Gas- or diesel-powered units available.

Easy to Move

Quickly and easily placed around your job site.

Self-Contained Units

Available in Gas or Diesel motor options.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

A must-have tool on any demolition site.

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Radio Controls
Automatic Rotation


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ModelWeight (lbs)MotorEngine Power (HP)Water Range (ft)Water Pressure (psi)Water Consumption (gpm)
MFJ10B143Gas4.9649363-11601.6 - 3.4
MF20B341Gas8.8582363-11603.7 - 6.3
MF40D456Diesel9.80115363-11605.3 - 11
MF60D960Diesel25.3180363-116013.2 - 26.4

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