Moley Magnetics Scrap and Demolition Magnets

Moley Magnetics ESA Claw magnet with teeth
Moley Magnetics ESA Claw magnet with teeth

Moley Magnetics heavy-duty lifting magnets offer easy handling of ferrous material in scrap and recycling yards and on demolition sites. Moley Magnetics Scrap and Demolition Magnets are the perfect excavator attachment for demolishing and recycling large magnetic materials. This type of mounted equipment comes in a selection of different styles and power options, making it easy to find the perfect magnet for your specific worksite needs. All Moley Magnetics Scrap and Demolition Magnets are extremely easy to operate and provide the same level of power as premium brands at a very affordable rate. Choose a version that works best for you and your machine:

ESA Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Magnets

moley magnetics esa hydraulic magnetThe ESA line of Hydraulic Scrap Magnets are robust heavy duty magnets ideally suited for demolition use or any other application where a quick changing attachment is beneficial.

The generator, pump and controls are mounted on top of the magnet itself. Installing the magnet is made easy by two quick connections. All that is required is to connect the two hydraulic lines and the lifting chain.

The ESA generators operate on the bucket or auxiliary hydraulic lines. The magnet is controlled with the joystick, foot pedal or auxiliary switch. If installed on a bucket line, the return line must be “free flow return line.”

  • Easy Installation: complete enclosed system (pump, generator and control box) are mounted on top of the magnet
  • Hook up hydraulic cables and go
  • Available sizes from 28” – 72” diameter
  • Comes with chains and jump lines. Also available with coupler if preferred.

ESA Claw Hydraulic Magnets With Teeth

Moley Magnetics ESA Claw magnet with teethSimilar to the ESA magnet, the generator, pump, and control are mounted on top of the ESA Claw magnet. They come with two sets of extended sorting claws that are designed to move and rake through debris, concrete, and demolished material allowing access to metal and rebar fragments that may be buried in the ground or piles of debris.

  • Quick coupler ready
  • Easy to hook-up and go
  • Recover iron more efficiently.

ESB Battery Powered Magnets

moley magnetics esb battery powered magnet for excavator

ESB mounted battery-powered scrap magnets are easy to install and move between carriers. They are the least expensive magnet, while still offering a very strong magnetic field.

  • No generator needed – magnet system runs off the 24-volt excavator battery.
  • Comes with control box, controller, and cables.
  • Inexpensive to buy and maintain.
  • Optional Pistol Grip Controller
  • New Heavy Duty 32” Deep Wound Magnet Available
  • 12V Self-Contained Battery-Powered Magnets also available for Cranes and Skid Steers.

ESB Claw Battery Magnets With Teeth

moley magnetics ESB-Claw-Magnet

The Moley 2-in-1 Battery Powered Sorting Claw Scrap Magnet (ESB) is equipped with two sets of claws and is a robust and heavy duty magnet ideally suited for the demolition and scrap industry.

Sorting Claw Magnets are easy to install, come in various sizes and is simple to hook-up and go. This powerful and efficient magnet is equipped with extended scraping claws that will loosen up dirt, gravel and other debris allowing access to metal pieces mixed with demolished materials.

ESM 230 Volt Electromagnets

moley magnetics esm electromagnetOur standard 230V Electromagnet Scrap Magnets are heavy duty magnets manufactured for the rigors of daily use in the scrap industry. They are available in a wide range of sizes depending on your scrap application. They are powerful and solidly built ensuring years of maximum performance.

  • Sizes Available from 30” to 72”, other sizes available upon request
  • Lifting Capability to 4,450 Lbs
  • Weight design allows for use on lighter machinery
  • Comes with chains and jump lines. Deep wound version also available.

MagStar Hydraulic Generators

Moley MagStar-Hydraulic-GeneratorsThis generator system is powerful, innovative, safe and maintenance-free. Moley MagStar hydraulic generators are highly durable, electronically controlled brush-less synchronous generators. They are maintenance-free, highly reliable, and designed for continuous operation. The low-noise housing of the generator is splash-proof according to IP54 specifications and provides highly effective ventilation.

  • Waterproof and maintenance-free IP54 system
  • Wide generator speed range
  • Load limit control
  • Torque control
  • Enhanced drive protection in the event of under-speed
  • Magnet power is fully adjustable
  • Integrated isolation monitoring
  • Includes generator, control box, cables, flange, coupling and motor.
  • Available in 9, 15, 20, and 30 Watt systems

MagStar Diesel Generator Set

Moley Magnetics MagStar-Diesel-Generator-System

Moley diesel-fueled generator sets are built to world-class standards, for high efficiency, low fuel consumption, and global emissions compliance. Moley MagStar Diesel Generator Sets are prime movers that meet all current emission standards in North America and have the highest operating efficiency. Engine and generator are optimized for maximum cooling efficiency with zero cross contaminating air flow.

  • Pair with Moley ESM 230V Electromagnets

Full Range of Models Available

Including battery or hydraulic power options.

Easy to Operate

Simple to hook up to existing hydraulic or power systems.

Excellent Value

Same power as premium brands at a lower cost.

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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
    Backhoe Loaders
  • Skid Steer Loaders
    Skid Steer Loaders


ModelWeight (lbs)Oil Flow (gpm)Diameter (in)Max Force Scrap (lbs)Max Force Plate (lbs)Carrier Weight (tons)
Hydraulic Magnets
ESA 288825 - 132830065005 - 15
ESA 321433 8 - 2632375795010 - 20
ESA 38191413 - 36386151045015 - 25
ESA 42242518 - 52427701212520 - 30
ESA 50363818 - 525013203085025 - 35
ESA 60550018 - 526015404360030 - 45
ESA 7211220457241008448035 - 45
Hydraulic Magnets With Claws
ESA 32 Claw20068 - 2632375795010 - 20
ESA 42 Claw354218 - 52427701212520 - 30
ESA 50 Claw457618 - 525013203085025 - 35
ESA 60 Claw792018 - 526015404360030 - 45
Coupler Hydraulic Magnets
ESA 32 QC14338 - 2632375795010 - 20
ESA 42 QC242518 - 52427701212520 - 30
ESA 50 QC363818 - 525013203085025 - 35
ESA 60 QC550018 - 526015404360030 - 45
Battery Powered MagnetsVoltage (V)
ESB 183302418100 - 20015005 - 7
ESB 267002426200 - 40048008 - 12
ESB 3210582432400 - 600620012 - 20
ESB 3618742436600 - 750800015 - 25
ESB 4024002440750 - 9001000020 - 35
ESB 48305824481170 - 140020,00025 - 40
ESB 267001226140 - 28036008 - 12
ESB 3210581232280 - 420465012 - 20
ESB 3618741236420 - 525600015 - 25
ESB 4024001240750 - 90010,00020 - 35
ESB 40x2213251240.5” x 22"140 - 2803600Skid Steer
Battery Powered Magnets With Claws
ESB 32 Claw13092432400 - 600620012 - 20
ESB 36 Claw21232436600 - 750800015 - 25
ESB 40 Claw26732440750 - 9001000020 - 35
ESM 26230268 - 12
ESM 3093523030557715512 - 20
ESM 32105923032615795012 - 20
ESM 36143023036825954015 - 25
ESM 3814332303810151100015 - 25
ESM 4216542304212001212520 - 35
ESM 4418742304415001377520 - 35
ESM 5025362305018001540025 - 40
ESM 5837482305828752200030 - 45
ESM 6044102306032002310030 - 45
ESM 6456222306436002530030 - 45
ESM 702307035 - 65
Deep Wound Electromagnets
ESP 4219182304233020 - 35
ESP 442304420 - 35
ESP 5033072305057525 - 40
ESP 5844002305892630 - 45
ESP 602306030 - 45
ESP 64748023064120030 - 45
MagStar Hydraulic GeneratorsWeight (lbs)RPMAmpsDimensions (L x W x H)Voltage (V)
9 KW 2 Pole16530003917 x 10.5 x 17230V
9 KW 4 Pole16520003917 x 10.5 x 17230V
15 KW 2 Pole20930006517 x 10.5 x 17230V
15 KW 4 Pole20920006517 x 10.5 x 17230V
20 KW 2 Pole26030008620.5 x 10.5 x 20230V
20 KW 4 Pole26020008620.5 x 10.5 x 20230V
30 KW396180013018.5 x 12.75 x 22.25230V
MagStar Diesel GeneratorsWeight (lbs)Diesel EngineMagnet Fits ToDimensions (L x W x H)Fuel Tank (gallons)Generator Run Volts Max Current
9 KW840KUBOTA 4 CYL 32HP@2600 RPMESM 30”-50”36” x 23” x 37”12GEMA 9KW 230 VDC 39 AMPS
15 KW920KUBOTA 4 CYL 32HP@2600 RPMUP TO ESM 64”36” x 23” x 37”12GEMA 15KW 230 VDC 69 AMPS

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