Moley Magnetics Grapples with Magnets

moley magnetics 2 in 1 grapple magnet for sale
moley magnetics 2 in 1 grapple magnet for sale

Moley Magnet Grapples are a multi-purpose excavator attachment that are built to provide 100% handling efficiency for all incoming and outgoing material with the ferrous metal sorting capabilities of a magnet. No generator is needed with the Moley 24-V Magnet Grapple because it runs off of a 24-Volt machine battery. Designed with greater strength to survive tamping and packing loads and to withstand the extra load of the integrated magnet, the Moley Magnet Grapple increases productivity in operations requiring both a magnet and a grapple.

Moley 230-V Magnet Grapples combine the tines of a standard orange-peel grapple with the capability of a round lifting magnet. The operator can use the magnet to clean up an area, and use the grapple to increase the lifting capacity and hold scrap while de-energizing the magnet, thus saving on magnet wear and tear. In order to operate the hybrid attachment, the Moley 230-V Magnet Grapple does need a generator and controller.

• 0.5 yard – 1.3 yards
• Various Sizes Available: 32” – 42” diameter
• Maximum Clean Up 2-in-1 Tool

10 models to choose from in this series

3 24V models and 7 230V models

Versatile Multi-purpose Tool

A powerful magnet and grapple in one attachment

Minimal noise

Electric and Battery Powered options offer quiet operation

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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
    Backhoe Loaders
  • Skid Steer Loaders
    Skid Steer Loaders


MPV P 2501,3660.3223x 6h240.59 - 15
MPV P 3001,4330.3923x 6h240.59 - 15
MPV P 4501,7630.5923x 6h240.515 - 22
MPV FH EL 4503,1960.5931 x 8h2303.026 - 33
MPV FH EL 5503,4180.7231 x 8h2303.026 - 33
MPV FH EL 7004,5190.9231 x 8h2304.528 - 50
MPV FH EL 8005,1811.0431 x 8h2305.531 - 50
MPV FH EL 10005,5121.3031 x 8h2305.533 - 50
MPV FH EL 12005,7321.6031 x 8h2305.533 - 50
MPV FH EL 15007,8262.0031 x 8h2308.036 - 55

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