Labounty Universal Processor SV Excavator Attachments

labounty upx universal pulverizer attachment for sale rent
labounty upx universal pulverizer attachment for sale rent

The LaBounty Universal Processors SV series are ideal for demolition, road and bridge reconstruction, and recycling operations. They offer the end-user incredible versatility through the means of interchangeable jaws, ensuring the right tool for the right application. Longer reach, increased working range, and unmatched power-to-weight ratio makes it easier to process harder concrete with smaller excavators. All LaBounty Universal Processors are perfect for a selection of different industries and applications. These excavator attachments feature a two-cylinder operation, offering maximum power throughout the entire closing cycle. This type of excavator equipment also boasts 360 degree rotation, making it an extremely versatile demolition tool. LaBounty Universal Processors are available with up to four jaw sets for superior strength.

  • Interchangeable Jaw Sets for maximum productivity in various applications:
    • Up to four jaw sets currently offered:
      • Shear (SH)
      • Concrete Pulverizer (CP)
      • Concrete Cracking (CC) and
      • Plate Shear (PS). 
  • 360° Powered Rotation. Allows for efficient processing at virtually any angle.
  • Time Tested, Spool Type Speed Valve for fast cycle times.
  • Two large bore cylinders along with long lever arms generate the highest power-to-weight ratio per model as compared to single cylinder attachments. The two cylinder design   evens   out   the   power   curve,   producing   maximum   power   throughout the closing cycle.
  • Slotted Pivot for much faster and easier jaw change out. A slot has been added to the  UP’s  main  pivot  point,  which  allows  much  faster  and  easier  jaw  line  up  than before. Most jaw sets can be changed out in as little as 20 minutes or less.
  • Reverse, shrouded cylinders. The cylinder  barrel  moves  back  and  forth,  keeping  the  cylinder  rods  away  from  the    The heavy-duty shrouds provide added protection.
  • 6 models with jaw openings from 14 to 49 inches

Versatile Demolition Tools

Available with up to four jaw sets.

360° Rotation

For easy operation and precise handling.

Two Cylinders = More Power

Highest power to weight ratio vs. single cylinder attachments.

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Interchangeable Jaw Sets
Full Range of Couplers for Hydraulic Lines


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This equipment is utilized in the following industries:

Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators


Interchangeable Jaw Sets

Add versatility to your demolition equipment fleet with the UP’s interchangeable jaw system. Available jaw sets include Shear (SH), Concrete Pulverizer (CP), Concrete Cracking (CC), and Plate Shear (PS).


ModelWeight (lbs)CC Jaw Opening (in)CC Jaw Depth (in)Reach (ft)Operating Pressure (psi)Carrier Weight (tons)
UPX 250300036257.82500> 25
UPX 45010,500423110.12500> 45
UPX 95020,500765013.42500> 85
UPX 180032,0001005915.52500Consult Factory
UP 75SV12650493611'5"250030-61

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