LaBounty Multi-Jaw Demolition Processor Attachments

labounty mrx multi-jaw demolition tool for sale
labounty mrx multi-jaw demolition tool for sale

Versatility is taken to a whole new level with the LaBounty MRX Multi-Jaw Demolition tool for excavators. With three different interchangeable jaws – a concrete pulverizer, concrete cracker, and shear – the LaBounty MRX is the answer to most primary and secondary demolition needs. The MRX is also equipped with a short center of gravity and 360-degree rotation for optimal maneuverability. The interchangeable jaws’ designs facilitate improved penetration and rapid material downsizing, along with dual rotation motors* for superior holding power and replaceable wear areas for longevity and minimized maintenance.

labounty mrx demolition pulverizer excavator

  • Interchangeable Jaw Sets for maximum productivity in various applications:
    • Up to three jaw sets currently offered:
      • Shear (SH)
      • Concrete Pulverizer (CP)
      • Concrete Cracking (CC)
  • 360° Powered Rotation. Allows for efficient processing at virtually any angle.
  • Speed Valve for fast cycle times.
  • Single reverse cylinder with internal hydraulic lines protects components from debris.
  • 9 models to fit 7-75 ton carriers

Versatile Demolition Tools

Available with up to three jaw sets.

360° Rotation

For easy operation and precise handling.

Single Cylinder Versatility

Powerful yet maneuverable.

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Interchangeable Jaw Sets
Full Range of Couplers for Hydraulic Lines


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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators

Interchangeable Jaw Sets



ModelWeight (lbs)CC Jaw Opening (in)CC Jaw Depth (in)Reach (ft)Min Carrier Weight (tons)
MRX 70175520.719.35.77
MRX 100251623.624.06.79
MRX 130332029.128.07.312
MRX 150455630.129.18.318
MRX 200625036.230.19.125
MRX 250767037.232.19.335
MRX 350938039.834.49.745
MRX 50014,61245.342.111.060
MRX 70021,25351.244.512.375

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