Labounty Mobile Demolition Processors

ShearForce Mobile Demolition Processors excavator attachment
ShearForce Mobile Demolition Processors excavator attachment

The LaBounty Mobile Demolition Processor (MDP) is a high-powered single cylinder attachment used to crush and process concrete quickly and easily. Each MDP attachment incorporates a patented quick change jaw pivot, 360° powered rotation, reversed cylinder, SWIFT LOC™ teeth, and multiple machine mount capability. LaBounty Mobile Demolition Processors are versatile excavator attachments that can be used to break down concrete and rebar all at once. This type of excavator equipment features 360 degree rotation, making it easy to operate and handle in even the tightest workspaces. All LaBounty Mobile Demolition Processors are built from strong, high-quality materials, but are also lightweight, making them easier on your machines.

With an unmatched power-to-weight ratio, smaller attachments and excavators can be used, providing a significant savings opportunity. The MDP design is based on the time-tested and proven LaBounty shears so you can be sure it will exemplify the benchmark quality and performance that is expected from the world-renowned LaBounty attachments.

  • Crushing force up to 185 tons
  • Apexed jaw blades for material gathering and maximum cutting power
  • Interchangeable Concrete Cracking (CC) jaw and Pulverizer (CP) jaw sets
  • 360° powered rotation for maneuverability and ease of use
  • Patented “Quick Change Pivot” for quicker jaw change
  • SWIFT LOC™ teeth makes maintenance quick and easy.

Versatile Demolition Tool

Crack and pulverize concrete and cut rebar at the same time.

360° Rotation

For easy operation and precise handling.

Powerful but Light

Easier on your machine.

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Interchangeable Concrete Cracking (CC) jaw and Pulverizer (CP) jaw sets
Full Range of Couplers for Hydraulic Lines


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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
    Backhoe Loaders


Interchangeable Concrete Cracking and Pulverizer Jaw Sets


Add versatility to your demolition equipment fleet with the MDP’s interchangeable jaw system. Concrete Cracking for primary demolition and Pulverizer for secondary processing.


ModelWeight (lbs)Jaw Opening (in)Jaw Depth (in)Reach (ft)Crushing Force Tip (tons)Crushing Force Throat (tons)Carrier Weight (tons)
MDP 20R4400252610'2"10523018-25
MDP 27R630032319'7"11628825-36
MDP 35R7800363410'9"16037031-48
MDP 50R1230049.544.512'10"18543045-65

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