LaBounty Hammer Excavator Attachments

LaBounty LMB 3025 hydraulic hammer
LaBounty LMB 3025 hydraulic hammer

LaBounty hydraulic hammers and breakers for excavators come with innovative built-in features to promote productivity and durability in the field. The LaBounty breaker line is designed for all-day, everyday use in the most demanding applications. LaBounty hammers are designed for a variety of applications, including primary and secondary demolition, rock excavation, trenching, tunneling, and boulder breaking.

LaBounty Hammers

  • Oil-fired design provides higher impact energy and saves diesel fuel
  • Fixed impact energy valve adjusts blow rate with hydraulic flow to provide consistent impact energy
  • Selectable stroke enables user to adjust blow rate according to the application
  • Accumulator protects carrier and maximizes impact energy and blow rate
  • Designed for easy installation of Auto-lube System for maintenance-free lubrication
  • Vibration dampening tie rods extend tie rod life for reduced maintenance by preventing loosening
  • User selectable auto shut off prevents blank firing to extend breaker life
  • Data Logger system provides key insights on usage and service history to improve service accuracy.

8 models to choose from in this series

A model to fit any size machine

Less Maintenance

Auto-lube System option does the greasing for you!

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Auto Lube Greasing System
Chisel Paste
Spare Chisels
Full Range of Couplers for Hydraulic Lines
Air Line for Underwater Use


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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
    Backhoe Loaders


Spare Chisels



We’ve got options when it comes to chisel points and tool bits for your LaBounty hydraulic hammers, including cone, cross cut, line cut, asphalt cut, moil, blunt, and tamping tools.


ModelEnergy Class (ft lb)Blows per MinuteWeight (lbs)Tool Diameter (in)Oil Flow (gpm)Operating Pressure (psi)Carrier Weight (tons)
LMB13081200500 - 170011103.5413 - 401450 - 20303.9 - 8.7
LMB20152500500 - 94024004.5326 - 371960 - 210512 - 20
LMB26203500430 - 79030904.9232 - 482030 - 232016 - 26
LMB30255000450 - 75038805.3137 - 531950 - 210021 - 30
LMB40358000300 - 48052905.5942 - 612030 - 218026 - 40
LMB554511000400 - 56074506.5466 - 922200 - 230034 - 55
LMB805513000370-530104707.4874 - 1002320 - 246543 - 80
LMB958016000290 - 510163108.5095 - 1192465 - 261070 - 110

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