Dipperfox Stump Crusher

dipperfox stump crusher stump remover stump grinder attachment excavator for sale rent canada
dipperfox stump crusher stump remover stump grinder attachment excavator for sale rent canada

The future of stump grinding is here! Design Masterclass 2020 award winning Dipperfox Stump Crusher is now available in Canada from ShearForce.

Dipperfox Stump Crusher is a brand new stump grinder attachment for excavators. Its award winning design makes work more efficient and a lot faster, saving you time and money.

The Dipperfox Stump Crusher drills through stumps and their roots, pushing all the remaining debris deep into the ground. There is no therefore need for additional clean-up on your logging and land clearing sites – once the work is finished, the sites are fully accessible for maintenance vehicles and provide ideal conditions for newly planted trees. No need to collect, transport and utilise the remaining grinds – saving you even more time and resources.

Friend of the forest

This stump grinding attachment is easy on the soil. Its rotating blades crush and push all the wood residue into the ground and don’t leave any craters or voids behind. The site needs no additional equipment for cleanup and is ready for planting of new trees.

Endurance is speed

Using fewer moving parts increases the crusher’s durability and the adjustable transmission allows to put out maximum power at really slow rotation speeds. This creates less wear and tear to the blades, which means more uninterrupted work.

Smart about work

Dipperfox stump removal attachments do the same amount of work 5-10 times faster than most competing equipment solutions, crushing a stump in just 20-30 seconds. If it’s just one stump, then why bother counting the time. But if you need to remove 100 or 1000 stumps, it makes all the difference.

Engineered, designed and made in Estonia, Dipperfox aims to be a frontrunner in developing smart, easy to use and efficient heavy equipment tools and accessories.

  • Removes 2 to 3 stumps per minute – quick and efficient
  • Root system remains intact underground, offering added stability especially in areas prone to erosion
  • Bolt on blades and replaceable center screw and built in hydraulic gearbox
  • 2 speeds – 60 RPM with 15,500 ft lbs of torque and 30 RPM with 31,700 ft lbs torque
  • No wiring involved  – simple hydraulic system with auto shift
  • Suitable for large forested areas, steep slopes, or tight urban spaces
  • Patented one-of-a-kind-design
  • 2 models available to fit skid steers, mini excavators, backhoes, and full size machines.

New Model for Small Carriers!

Dipperfox 600 has landed! Now available for skid steers, backhoes, and mini excavators 6-14 tons.

Quick and Efficient

Removes 2 to 3 stumps per minute

Environmentally Sensitive

Mulches as it works for zero clean up

Minimal noise

Maximum power at slow rotation speeds

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