Denis Cimaf Forestry Mulchers

DENIS CIMAF Brushcutter Excavator Attachment
DENIS CIMAF Brushcutter Excavator Attachment

ShearForce and Terrafirma are your official dealers for Denis Cimaf brush cutting and forestry mulching attachments in Western Canada! Achieve high productivity and low costs in land clearing and vegetation control with these powerful attachments.

The Denis Cimaf Brush Cutting and Forestry Mulcher series offers 10 different excavator attachment models to choose from, making it easy to choose the best model for your size of machine. This type of excavator equipment offers fast and powerful mulching capabilities, as well as less downtime and low maintenance.

  • Versatile and easy to use land clearing tool ideal for right-of-way path cutting, forest fire prevention, road, pipeline, and transmission line development and maintenance.
  • Heat-treated, bolt-on forged knives deliver maximum resistance to impact and abrasion, and can be sharpened right on the unit.
  • Protective rings limit the size of the bites and considerably reduce risks of damage to the knife holders.
  • Replaceable liners prevent excessive wear.
  • 6 boom-mounted models to fit 7 – 35 ton excavator and backhoe carriers
  • 4 front-mounted models to fit skid steers and compact carriers

10 models to choose from in this series

A model to fit any size machine

Low Maintenance

Less downtime due to innovative blade design

Fast and Powerful

Cuts quickly and effortlessly

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DAH-065B920261112 GPM @ 3500 PSI45 - 8
DAH-085B1120341525 GPM @ 3500 PSI48 - 10
DAH-100C2000421527 GPM @ 3500 PSI610 - 15
DAH-125D2330481725 GPM @ 3500 PSI1012 - 18
DAH-100E2890431530 GPM @ 4000 PSI1516 - 22
DAH-150E3540572140 GPM @ 4000 PSI1520 - 27
DAH-150Er3840572155 GPM @4000 PSI2027 - 35
DAF-180D2610742730 GPM @ 3500 PSI8SKID STEER
DAF-180E3010742740 GPM @ 3500 PSI10SKID STEER
DAF-225E4380883150 GPM @3500 PSI15SKID STEER
DAF-250Ex53601003570 GPM @ 3500 PSI24SKID STEER

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