Antraquip hydraulic drum cutters are ideal for trench cutting on hard and compact materials, concrete or rock wall profiling, quarry works, demolition work, and dredging. The dual-head drum cutter features an internal hydraulic piston motor and direct drive rotary cutters for maximum efficiency and minimum non-operational space between cutters. Antraquip hydraulic drum cutters are ideal for a range of applications in the construction, mining, tunneling, and energy industries.

Antraquip hydraulic rock cutters include:

  • All American-made parts and components
  • Powerful high torque hydraulic motors
  • Robust cutting drums to ensure maximum production and prolonged life
  • Customizable drums to accommodate performance maximized applications
  • Durable spur gears and housing

antraquip axial rock cutter

Also Available Antraquip Axial/Lengthways hydraulic cutters are ideal for a variety of applications including narrow trench excavation, piling and pit work, scaling, profiling and many more specialized rock, concrete, and asphalt cutting requirements. Cutter attachments are available for excavators or other hydraulic carriers in the 3-50 ton weight class.

When selecting one of these hydraulic cutting attachments, you should consider the following factors:

  • Rock type and hardness
  • Application of use (rock excavation, trenching, demolition, concrete, tunneling or underwater)
  • Excavator size and power

We work with you to find the best specialized hydraulic rock cutting solution for your needs.

19 models to choose from in this series

9 Standard, 6 Rotating, 4 Axial models

Narrow Profile

Access hard to cut areas on your work site.

Work Site Friendly

Low noise and environmentally friendly.

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Compatible Equipment

  • Large Excavators
    Large Excavators
  • Small Excavators
    Small Excavators


ModelTypeWeight (lbs)Oil Flow (gpm)Max Operating Pressure (psi)Cutting Head Width (in)Trench Width (in)Carrier Weight (tons)
AQ-1SNon-Rotating2305 - 12580019241 - 3
AQ-1Non-Rotating4958 - 20580021262 - 8
AQR-1Rotating66714580021263 - 6
AQ-2Non-Rotating101012 - 26580025305 - 15
AQR-2Rotating127734580025305 - 11
AQ-3Non-Rotating204530 - 455800313712 - 20
AQ-3XLNon-Rotating229034 - 655800323815 - 28
AQR-3Rotating2426425800313710 - 18
AQR-3HDRotating2709535800323717 - 25
AQ-4Non-Rotating402050 - 855800404625 - 45
AQ-4XLNon-Rotating577565 - 1305800404640 - 70
AQR-4Rotating4853955800404624 - 33
AQ-5Non-Rotating740095 - 1605800535950 - 80
AQR-5Rotating91641325800535932 - 50
AQ-6Non-Rotating14350175 - 2605800647070 - 180
AQ-1LAxial75015 - 305800154 - 15
AQ-2LAxial81030 - 4558001610 - 25
AQ-3LAxial92530 - 4558001910 - 25
AQ-4LAxial298050 - 9558002620 - 60

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