Rammer Compactors

rammer compactors
rammer compactors

Allied pioneered the concept of hydraulically operated Ho-Pac® vibratory compactor/drivers. These models use an eccentric, rotating weight that creates vibrations and impulse energy to compact the ground under the attachment, removing air pockets, leveling uneven material, and ensuring stability in the working area.

The larger carrier-mounted Ho-Pac 1600, 2300 and 4000 models provide the needed forces for effective soil compaction and are extremely effective at driving piling, posts, pipe, guardrail posts, etc.

The all-new extreme Ho-Pacs now deliver more impact energy, an errorless four-function valve, a variety of mounting configurations and maintenance-free oil splash bearing lubrication.

  • 6 models to fit 1.5 – 75 ton machines.
  • Ideal for trench, slope and excavation compaction.
  • Faster, less expensive technique for driving wood, steel and aluminum sheeting, ‘H’ and ‘I’ beams, piling, posts and seawalls.
  • Four Function Valve controls flow, pressure, regenerations and oil flow direction.
  • Oil Splash Lubrication provides maintenance free (no greasing) bearing lubrication.
  • Tough coat hoses prevent cuts and extend wear life.


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6 Models to Choose From

A model to fit any size machine

Maximum Compacting Power

Larger eccentric motor increases impulse and compaction force

Maintenance-Free Lubrication

Oil splash bearing system

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ModelWeight (lbs)Centrifugal Force (lbs)Vibrations per minuteBaseplate Size (in)Oil Flow (gpm)Max Pressure (psi)Carrier Weight (tons)
400B3754,0002,00013 x 256 - 182,8001.5 - 6
700B6106,4002,00018 x 276 - 182,8004 - 10
1000B9508,0002,00024 x 2812 - 212,0004.5 - 15
16001,56516,0002,10029 x 3225 - 433,0009.5 - 22.5
23002,21624,0002,10034 x 36472,20017.5 - 60
40004,90040,0002,10042 x 4862 - 862,20038.5 - 75

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