Division 2 Contracting Ltd Testimonial Video | ShearForce RDP40 Rotating Demolition Pulverizers

Posted: April 18, 2024 | Category: Equipment at Work

We are thrilled to be supporting Division 2 Contracting Ltd. on the Granville Street Bridge project in Vancouver, BC, by providing them with another ShearForce RDP40 Rotating Demolition Pulverizer. They have a pair of RDP40s on the project showcasing their power and efficiency, demolishing the heavily reinforced bridge by pulverizing thick concrete and cutting through rebar. For Division 2 Contracting the wide jaw opening, immense crushing power, and precise cutting blades of the RDP40 made it the obvious choice for this project. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist on this project and look forward to future collaborations!

ShearForce Rotating Demolition Pulverizers are designed for primary demolition and recycling of reinforced concrete structures, as well as secondary demolition, size reduction, and rebar separation. These units come complete with a heavy-duty rotation group to enable precise work and are built with the strongest Hardox and Weldox steel for a lightweight design without compromising on power, reliability, and strength.

Learn more about Division 2 Contracting Ltd. by checking out their website: https://www.div2contracting.com/

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