Customer Testimonial Video | Shearex Forestry Mulcher

Posted: March 8, 2023 | Category: Equipment at Work, Forestry Mulchers and Brush Cutters

When our long-time B.C. customer was looking for another mulcher to complete a brush clearing job, they contacted ShearForce to find the most powerful, productive mulcher possible. We supplied them with a Shearex VM60-SR Mulcher which they mounted on an LBX Company 250X4 to make quick work of their highway and roadside mowing. They were satisfied with how the debris door controls the chips, strong and durable teeth, and the overall performance of this mulcher in a variety of different applications. We are thankful to have the trust of our customers and look forward to working with them again in the future!

The Shearex Forestry Mulcher allows you to be precise and fast with your mulching and tree clearing work. With the greater agility of an excavator mounted brush cutter, you can rise to the toughest of mulching challenges. They are the ultimate tool for fast and efficient roadside maintenance, invasive species removal, land clearing, and underbrush maintenance.

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