Better. Faster. Stronger. Introducing Xcentric Ripper Mining Series.

Posted: May 7, 2018 | Category: New Products, Xcentric Ripper

XR Mining Needs Met May 2018

After more than 10 years of development in the design and manufacture of the world’s most productive, reliable, and technologically advanced hydraulic ripper, Xcentric International has taken the Xcentric Ripper range to a whole new level with the release of the all new Xcentric Ripper Mining Series.

The Xcentric Ripper outperforms traditional hydraulic hammers and static rippers in nearly every type of material, particularly in medium hardness rock with natural fracturing and layers. Using patented Impact Vibration Accumulation Technology, the hydraulic ripper attachment works with the natural rigidity of the rock, and the vibrations that are produced shake the material to deepen cracks for easier breakup.

The Xcentric Ripper is an exceptional tool for frozen ground excavation, rock excavation, quarrying, surface and underground mining,  oil sands excavation, utility project installations, pipeline trenching, demolition, slag recycling, dredging, and even underwater applications.

The all new Xcentric Ripper Mining Series is specifically designed for frequent use where the highest production values are required, as well as continuous work shifts where reliability and excavator operator comfort are paramount.

XR mining series range

Mining Series Design Improvements

While the working technology is based on the standard series, the new Mining Series has been reinforced with a remodeled working platform, which delivers a much higher energy impact force to the work tool with a lower frequency. Larger and heavier eccentric gears are now machined from a single billet of steel and precisely designed to allow for equal weight distribution side-to-side and direct impact energy vertically. The lower pivot arm and housing is reinforced to limit wear  where the ripper typically encounters material, and the ripper arm or beak has been remodeled and reinforced with Hardox steel. The XR Mining Series also has a narrower body profile, making it ideal for tunneling or operating in confined areas.

Designed to increase production, at lower operating costs and reduced noise levels, the all new XR Mining Series is a revolution for high volume rock excavation.

xr mining series video link May 2018